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      Cry Aloud is a Christian e-zine relating bible prophecy and the ten lost tribes of Israel, to the heritage of America, Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.   Where are America and Britain TODAY in bible prophecy?   Follow the action in the Middle East.

Cry Aloud Articles

The Middle East TODAY in Bible Prophecy — Gulf War III ?

The Middle East in Prophesy — The Nations Involved

Book of Ruth: bible story of Ruth the Israelite dwelling on the Israelite-conquered plains of Moab

The Origin of Racism

Finding the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel Among Modern Christian Nations

Joshua and the Israelites in Britain and Ireland

The Ark of the Covenant — To Be Found in Ireland?

Is the Kingdom of God UTOPIA?

Articles From Other Writers and Magazines

EDOMITES — "The Most Significant Gentile Nation in the Bible"     by Ernest L. Martin, Ph.D., 1997

Who Build the Great Pyramid     by Herman L. Hoeh, May 1964, The Plain Truth

Where did the twelve apostles go?     by Herman L. Hoeh, The Plain Truth, May 1964

Europe and America in Prophesy     by Garner Ted Armstrong

Sixty Anglo-Israel Difficulties Answered     by John Wilson 1877

Abraham in Austria and the Austrian Chronicle     compiled by Roy Schulz

A Testimony to the Place of Israel Identity in the Plan of God     by Rev. Kenneth Kent

The Faith, Constitutional Freedom, and Our Destiny     by Covenant Publishing Company Ltd.

Now No Racial Distinctions With God     by J. Llewellyn Thomas

Daily Bible Study: Where are Israel and Judah Today?     by Wayne Blank

Behind Canada's Unity Crisis — Will Quebec Secede?   by Gene H. Hogberg

50 years after race-riots: Have African Americans truly recovered?     by Nicole Williams

America's Success Owes Much to the British Empire   by David Limbaugh

Compendium of World History, Volume I     by Herman L. Hoeh, 1967 edition

Compendium of World History, Volume II     by Herman L. Hoeh, 1969 edition

In Memory of three Plain Truth magazine writer/editors and Ambassador College Instructors ...

Garner Ted Armstrong, Evangelist

Garner Ted Armstrong, 1930 - 2003

Ernest L Martin PhD

Ernest L Martin, 1932 - 2002

Hermon L Hoeh

Herman L Hoeh, 1928 - 2004

Cry Aloud Charts

The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel   Chart: by staff writer

The Trumpets, Plagues and Thunders of the Book of Revelation   Chart: by staff writer

The Seven Eras of the Church in the Wilderness   Chart: by staff writer

"Politically Charged" Topics Which Ought to Have Our Attention

ICBC is no longer just an insurance agency

Watch out — is the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia — George Orwell's Big Brother?

ICBC alleged illegal disclosure of privileged private motor vehicle registration information, to private corporations

ICBC facial recognition intersection camera at Brunette Avenue and Braid Street New Westminster?

Stand alone photo radar, red light intersection cameras, and automated enforcement tickets exposed

Oh Canada!   We stand on guard for thee

Immigration and multiculturalism — the plot to change Canada's ethnic make-up and our national identity

At the turn of the twenty-first century, a race riot by American blacks, took place in New Westminster, Canada.   It was announced at that time, only once, over Vancouver's all-news radio station.   No other record is to be found of this event ...

Bible prophecy, African-Americans, race riots, the back to Africa movement

Stanley Cup Riot, June 15, 2011, Vancouver, Canada

Anatomy of a Seduction — the Stanley Cup Riot, Vancouver, Canada

Chart - Timeline - Stanley Cup Riot, 15 June 2011, Vancouver, Canada

Religious Freedom and Same Sex Marriage Internet LINKS

Canadian Political Action — Police Reaction — the Gay Agenda

New Westminster Gay Pride Week Festival August 2015 — The Good, the Bad, the Ugly — the Gay Agenda

Mischief to Pride Crosswalk at Church Street, New Wesminster, Canada   NWPD media-release

Straight Pride Conservatives fear the gay agenda ! — But, is the New West Pride Society gay agenda really winning the local ongoing Gender Identity War?

The Straights and the Gays — The Battle of Tipperary Park — Is This the End of the Rainbow for New West Pride ?

American Political Action — Court Rulings — the Gay Agenda

Here's What Supreme Court Says about Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Freedom

Why the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage could lead to civil war

Righteous or repugnant? Religious responses to the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage decision

Seven Well-Known Pastors Who Are Speaking Out Against Gay Marriage Legalization: 'Culture Will Get Increasingly Darker'

Mormon Leader Calls Gay Marriage Immoral: LDS Leader Dallin H. Oaks Tells Conference It is Contrary To God's Decrees

The United Church of God Stance on the Supreme Court's Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

United Church of God bible-based articles on same-sex marriage ...

The Shocking TRUTH about 'QUEER' Men!, by Roderick C. Meredith, The Plain Truth — a magazine of understanding, December 1961, page 3 [Html Version]     [ PDF File ]

The Plain Truth About Homosexuality, by Roderick C. Meredith, January 2008

Bible verses that explain the focus of bible prophecy

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